Understanding Your SEO Needs


It is always important to optimise your website for the referencing to appear prominently in the results of search engines. But those who really know what needs to be done are much less in number.

SEO, what is it?

We know that SEO is important but it often stops with this situation. Gradually, companies have realized the importance of SEO and the demand for services has increased significantly.

However, it is important to first understand what you need and what you expect of SEO before calling in outside help.

SEO can mean many different things. These may be technical audits, recommendations on the content of a site’s pages, creating a blog, a link building program, the community management, local SEO and much more. SEO covers many areas and multiple activities. These may simply check the structure of your site or its contents; it may be technical advice to develop a website; this can also be an intervention in commercial campaigns online or simply searching for effective and relevant keywords. An SEO may also act as a trainer and teach you how to optimize your site for search engines; SEO does not stop there! It may also need to work on specific geographical areas or in highly targeted markets!

Do you need SEO?

Involving a SEO is not a trivial decision. It can help you save time and really improve your site’s position in search engine results but making the wrong choices, this can also damage your reputation and your site. That is why it is essential to target their needs and expectations. It is important to be familiar first with the operation of search engines with the intervention of an SEO. But once you have decided, do not hesitate. Redesigning a site or launch a new website is a crucial step that should not be overlooked.

There are some precautions to take before choosing your SEO. Beware of web agencies or consultants that will guarantee you first place in the results of search engines.

Three key points to consider when evaluating your SEO needs

Key point number 1 SEO: Your goals

Whatever your program, whatever your industry, your goals should always be your main concern. If you are looking only increase traffic to your website or your ranking in the results of search engines, this is not enough. We must first work on what really matters to you, namely your overall business objectives and. By targeting precisely what is important to you, you can more easily define the points to resume.

By clearly defining your objectives, you can more easily highlight the points to work for SEO. Would you build your brand or product? Do you want to be more visible at local level? Want to develop your relationships? Each of these goals will result in a strategy SEO different and the work will not be on the same points.

SEO Key Point # 2: Develop its presence

Another point to consider is the performance and the current status of your site. It is important to know if your site generates traffic or if you are not very visible. You should know if your site has more and more success or otherwise is less visited. It is essential to ask how the site has evolved over the last months or even years. We must analyze the evolution of traffic and other site data to find out what he really needs. The needs will not be the same for a site that was very visited and is not or to a site that has never had a big traffic.

SEO Key point number 3: Manage resources

You must be very clear about his needs while being realistic and objective. If you know where the problem arises, it will be much easier for an outsider to act efficiently and without incurring unnecessary or excessive expenses.

So if you know you need to improve your website content but do not know how to do an outside speaker will be better able to help you and improve your SEO.

The reverse is also true. If your SEO provider offers a complete overhaul of the content of your website, but you already have the editors at your service, you may only need a few writing tips. Assistance in finding the right topics, to use the proper keywords that will generate the traffic will probably be sufficient. It will not be useful or beneficial to review the entire SEO.


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