Starting Your Digital Journey in 2021


After being hit by a pandemic last year, one thing that the whole world realized is that shifting things online and becoming digital is the future and a more secure way of doing things. Every business and every domain has realized the importance of digitalization and every one out there who is willing to survive in the future is all up for digitalization.

But, it is very important to know where to start from, as things can be very intimidating initially. Thus, having a good plan for the future has to be made very strategically. If you are planning to go all digital, then here are some tips on how to start your digital journey in 2021.

  1. Realization

At first, things can get very unconventional as you are not used to doing business in such a way. Thus, you have to realize that you may not survive or do business in a good way if you keep on following the conventional and traditional ways. Thus, it is important to acknowledge that change is must and has to be adapted quickly. You have to make up your mind and your team’s mind for the upcoming changes, which can be pretty drastic and can also force you to take some harsh measures.

  1. Game Plan-

Once you recognise the need of change, you’ll realize that only acknowledgement of the situation is not enough. You’ll need to have a plan in order to achieve what you desire and for that you need a plan. You’ll need a well-strategised plan with small changes initially leading to achievement of small goals. The plan you make has to be very realistic and tailored for your system. It should be achieving more than what you were already achieving without it. Aim for long-term sustainability and introduce new technologies that will be relevant for coming years too.

  1. Alignment-

When you have a vision, you alone cannot achieve it; you’ll be requiring a team that believes in your vision and helps you to achieve your goal. Having a team of people working on the same project, while being equally driven and passionate as you, is next to impossible, but you have to manage with what you got and have to cut corners in order to make it work. There will be challenges like difference in opinion, budget problem, not having the right resources, not having the right talent, insufficient funds and many more, but as a leader, you will have to lead the team in order to successfully transform your system digitally.

  1. Motivate and Update

In a team of 10, 5 may be on the same page but not all. What we mean to say is that not everyone will agree to your point, but that doesn’t mean their opinion is worthless or is against you. You have to show them the results that you’ll be able to achieve by digitalizing your platform. You have to make them realize that the change is necessary and once you are done doing so and you have finally achieved what you planned for, it is now time to maintain that and update accordingly.

These tips can help you start your digital journey in 2021. As the first step towards going digital, get a website developed exclusively for your business and host it on the right platform to reach out to your audience. You can follow this great 20 steps blogging guide to start your blog and start making money in 2021.

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